Visual Resumé

Hi, this is the online resumé of Will Stedden. You can interact with the visualizations below, or you can check out my paper CV. All the code for this website is available on my GitHub account, feel free to make use of any or all of this content for your own visual resumé.


visualizing my collaborative projects, hover for connections, click for more info

Hive Plot

This hive plot charts the connections between combinations of skills, collaborators and projects I've worked on in the past. Read More


My Interests

visualizing the connections between the things I work on

Force Plot

This graph illustrates the connections between my interests in computing, human health, and public outreach. Read More

Hierarchy of Capabilities

categorizing what I can do; click to zoom in for detail

Zoom Hierarchy

This is a visual skill hierarchy where the size of the bubble is proportional to my expertise at that task. It's currently just self-reported but could be updated to pull actual project data. Read More

Conventional CV



Extreme thanks and mad props to Mike Bostock of D3 for the visualization tools.